Municipal Services

Fire Protection

The Wellington Fire Department provides fire protection services as well as medical first responder services to the Wellington Fire District, which includes the Community of Wellington and outlying areas. A total of 1,095 households (homes, cottages and businesses) are serviced in the District.  Mutual aid is also provided between neighbouring fire departments during serious emergencies.

The 17-member force is equipped with two pumper trucks (1000 + gallons), a rescue unit, a 2,500-gallon water tanker, a half-ton truck and a Provincial Forestry truck that is used as a pumper and water tanker. Plans are in the works to purchase a new pumper truck. Department equipment includes Jaws of Life, a defibrillator, SCBAS, a CO2 detector and an infrared camera to localize hotspots of fires.

Sewer Services

The Community of Wellington Sewer Utilities Corporation provides sanitary sewage services for most residents. The infrastructure is comprised of the main pumping lift station on Ellis Road, a secondary lift station on Mont Carmel Road, 69 manholes linking sewer lines throughout the community, and a lagoon facility on Wellington Road that was significantly re-developed in 2010-11. Annual community sewer rates are $200 per unit in accordance with the Island Regulatory & Appeals Commission (IRAC).

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