Those who served

Wellington residents served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean conflict.  It is not believed that any have served in more recent conflicts overseas, but some men were involved in United Nations Peacekeeping duties.

A decision on whether to include a section on those who served on the Community of Wellington’s website cannot be made at this time.  Research is ongoing.  J. Earle Arsenault, village resident and retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces, has been assembling information on Évangéline Region veterans for a number of years.  It is painstaking work, made more difficult by the passage of time.  His intention is to hand over the results of his research to the Legion once it has been completed.

The Community of Wellington is committed to working with the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #17, to bring this information to light through whatever means would be deemed most appropriate.  Most likely, the list would include men and women who lived in the Wellington Station school district before the village was incorporated, and those who lived in the incorporated village after 1959.